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SAN PEDRO MARTIR station in Mexico

Location at the National Astronomical Observatory of San Pedro Martir– global view

Name : MEX1

Location : National Astronomical Observatory of San Pedro Martir at 2790m

Latitude : 31.0453

Longitude : – 115.4671

Hosting : On the site of the observatory managed by the Instituto de Astronomía of UNAM. About ten telescopes are installed on the site, including SVOM’s robotic telescope: Colibri. The headquarters of the observatory is located in the town of Ensenada, at sea level about 4 hours drive.

Start-up : april 2022

Location of the station in Baja California (global view)
Location of Station close to Ensenada
Location of the station on the site of the observatory in the Park of San Pedro Martir

The MEX1 station was mounted with a 3 meter mast. The south face is completely clear, allowing good visibility.

This station can be configured to receive data from the NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites. The reconstructed images are used to verify the quality of the site and to identify any degradation in signal reception.

Image reconstructed from data sent by the NOAA18 satellite
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