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Location of Santa-Maria station – global view

          Name : PRT1

          Location : Santa-Maria – Azores

          Latitude : 36.9858

          Longitude: -25.1262

          Hosting : Site of Estação Geodésica Fundamental RAEGE

          Start-up : July, 24 2019

Image 2 Açores
Location of Santa-Maria station – close-up view

The Santa-Maria station is located on the roof of the RAEGE (Red Atlantica de Estaciones Geodinamicas y Espaciales) station in the center of the island north of the airport. This 97 km² island is part of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. It is inhabited by about 5500 people and is located 1450 km west of Lisbon.

ACORES Image 2
Location of Santa-Maria station – close-up view
ACORES Image 3
Station installed in Santa-Maria

Currently this station is configured to receive data from the NOAA 19 weather satellite. The reconstructed images make it possible to check the quality of the site and to identify possible degradations on the reception of the signals.

ACORES Image 4
Image reconstituted in infrared from data sent by the NOAA 19 satellite
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