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MARQUESAS station – PYF4

Station location in the Marquesas Islands, one of the 5 archipelagos of French Polynesia

Name: PYF4

Location: Atuona on the island of Hiva Oa Polynesia. This island is located in the Marquesas Islands.

Latitude: – 9.8061

Longitude: – 139.0358

Hosting: On the Météo France observatory site.

Start-up: November 2022

Station location on Hiva Oa island, Marquesas Islands (global view)
Station location (close-up view)
Station location, near the sea (close-up view)

Some pictures of the antenna installation:

This station can be configured to receive data from the NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites. The reconstructed images can be used to check the quality of the site and identify any deterioration in signal reception.

Image based on data from the NOAA 19 satellite
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