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CHAMELA station – MEX4

Station location in Mexico, overview

Name : MEX4

Location : On the main UNAM campus in Mexico City. The site is located at the top of a small hill, 90 m above sea level and about 2 km from the Pacific coast.

Latitude : – 105.0445

Longitude : 19.4986

Altitude : 90 m

Hosting : On the grounds of UNAM’s Instituto de Biología.

Start-up : April 11, 2023

Station location east of Mexico (global view)

The antenna is installed on top of the yellow building.

The MEX4 station was installed with a 3 m mast.

Roof-mounted antenna

This station can be configured to receive data from the NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites. The reconstructed images can be used to check the quality of the site and identify any deterioration in signal reception.

Image constructed from data received by the NOAA 18 satellite
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