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Station Al Ain – ARE1

Location near Alain – global view

Name : ARE1

Location : Near Al Ain

Latitude : 24.19944

Longitude : 55.68444

Hosting : On the site on NSSTC in Al Ain, in UAEU campus

Start-up : february 2022

Location of the station near Al Ain (global view)
Location of the station near Al Ain (close-up view)

The station was installed on the roof of the building using a wall offset of 20 cm.

Access to the roof is via 2 ladders.

This station can be configured to receive data from the NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites. The reconstructed images are used to verify the quality of the site and to identify any degradation in signal reception.

Image reconstructed from data sent by the NOAA18 satellite
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