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The French Science Center will analyze the VHF alert data in an automated fashion in near real time in order to distribute the information needed to follow-up the burst with large observing facilities. The alert data will be also analyzed by Burst Advocates, French and Chinese scientists on duty H24, who will enrich the science data content.

Screenshot 2016-02-21 at 09.42.04
Functional diagram of the French ground segment showing the interfaces between the various French entities (FSC, FPOC and the instrument centers) as well as the interfaces with the entities of the Chinese ground segment.

During the whole observing sequence of a GRB, the recorded data will be reduced in real time to generate scientific products (e.g. the GRB duration, the peak energy Epeak, lightcurves in different energy bands, etc…), that will be made available to the scientific community through a dedicated web interface.

The French and Chinese ground segments manage both the operations and calibration of their instruments as well as the archiving of all science data.

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